Wooden Wick Candle Green Pot


Materials/Ingredients: Concrete, Soy wax, Rose Wood


Wooden Wick Candle Green Pot from PampaPanda are one of our favourites.   They have a natural and raw appearance with the hand-painted concrete pot.  Wooden Wick Concrete Candle will fit in any style of home and will be sure to create a unique focal point and be noticed!  Once lit they will be a wonderful feature in your room with a soft, glowing light.  Additionally, they also bring a gorgeous aroma of Sea Moss and Herbs.

You will find that felt pads have been added to the bottom in order to prevent the scratching of surfaces.  These candles are extra special with their natural wooden wick which creates the homely sound of a crackling fire! The design of the concrete pot allows for reuse once the candle is finished.  You can easily reuse the empty pot as a plant pot or decorative item to enhance your decor.

The good thing about using a material such as concrete means that every item made is unique with its own anomalies and quirks. It also makes the perfect Valentine’s gift, wedding favour and table decoration.  Why not also take a peek at our other Candles.

Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm

Wooden Wick Candle Green Pot comes in a box and has 25 hours burning time.

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 cm


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