Essential Oils Benefits

Firstly, there are in excess of 90 different types of essential oils, each with its own unique properties, delightful scent and potential health benefits.  Secondly, Organic Essential Oils are better as they result in a purer oil with much less likelihood of containing contaminants such as pesticides.

The following are 10 of the most popular beneficial oils and their reported health claims: 


used to reduce stress and improve skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and inflammation.


used primarily to help calm and relax, and for improving sleep


used to help with depression, stress during childbirth, and is also purported to increase libido.


frequently used to relieve stress, anxiety  and insomnia


used to help with digestion, depression, common headaches, and much more besides


often used to boost energy levels and aid with digestion and gut problems


used to lift mood, helps with mild to moderate depression and reduces anxiety


used to help with keeping focussed and calming the nerves

Tea Tree:

frequently used to help fight bacterial infections and boost the immune system


used to treat headaches, nausea and various skin conditions, like eczema


Aside from Aromatherapy, there are many other beneficial uses of Essential Oils


Essential oils are useful when used domestically as a natural freshener, for laundry.  Also, as a room spray or fabric reviver.


,They are fabulous when mixed with carrier oils, flower water or other ingredients for cosmetic or home treatment remedies.  Consequently their use as an ingredient in facial masks and massage oils is very popular.


Moreover, essential oils benefits could mean a man-made chemical free, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to insect and mosquito repellents like DEET.   However, studies have been inconclusive as to their full effectiveness. Although some have shown that essential oils, such as citronella may repel some types of mosquitoes for almost two hours. The protection time can increase to up to three hours when vanillin is used together with citronella oil.