We have an amazing range of Fabulous Essential Oils to choose from.  Because of this, you are sure to find your favourite amongst what we offer, and maybe find a new one or two even!  Pampa Panda products help in your wellness routine and encourage relaxation and a host of other health benefits.

Our Oil blends combine two or more oils for double or more the benefits!  When using combinations, you get the best of both worlds in one application.  Choose from Relaxing, Sleep Easy, Breathe Easy and Energising combinations.  The oils can also be used in burners to diffuse oil throughout the room.  Why not even try these oils in a warm bath?

Some of our favourites are the Norwegian Aroma Diffuser & Organic Oils Set and our convenient Roll On Essential Oil Blends

Choose from our range of over 100 essential oils – from Valerian Essential Oil 

Valerian oil orginates from Eastern Europe and is steam distilled.

and Organic Essential oils

Ancient Wisdom Pure Organic Essential Oil 50ml Lavender

Why not try our Aromatherapy set of 6 oils that come with a gorgeous carved wooden storage box.  This is sure to make a wonderful gift for any occasion.  The box also helps to keep the oils upright and safely protected.

Our organic oils range have a number of our favourites including Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage.  All the oils have their own unique properties.  Just remember they should be diluted first in a base oil before application to the skin.  And one last thing, please don’t apply these oils to sensitive areas!  When used correctly, essential oils are a valuable addition to your wellness regime.